The "People" icon from the left side command takes you to the individual account membership functions for your corporate account.


Selecting the icon will list all registered members for your corporate account as shown here:


People Card

All individual members will be listed on an account membership card that will list the registered details such as name, email, mobile phone number etc. In addition you will also see all the projects that the member is part of listed in the "Project" section as shown here.


Clicking on a listed project name on the card will load that project directly.

View/Edit Profile


Clicking on the settings icon on the project card will display the person view/edit screen.


Edit Profile

You can also edit your profile form by clicking on "Edit Profile" from the "User" settings menu in the located in the top right corner.

Alt text

Select "Edit Profile" to access the "Profile" edit option.

Sign Out

Selecting "Sign Out" from the user profile menu will log you out of the system. You can log in again by visiting